• The Origin of Ohchi Nursery

    Ohchi Nursery Ltd. is the largest manufacturer in Japan of Preserved Flowers and Dried Flowers since its establishment in 1960. The company was founded by Mr. Masaichi Ochi in Tamba, a town in Hyogo Prefecture surrounded by the mountains.

  • The Creator

    Mr. Masaichi Ohchi was determined to use flower materials for Flower Arrangements and Displays after he was struck by the beauty of a fern he found growing in the shadows near his house.

  • Our Belief

    This approach was accepted by many people, and more products were born. The materials to make our products are gathered from all over the world and find their way to our factory in Japan, to be given a new life with our processing technology.

2018Ohchi Nursery

  • 16 [Countries Exporting To] Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Macau, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan, Ukraine, (UAE)United Arab Emirates, (UK)United Kingdom, (USA)United States of America
  • 37 [Companies Exporting To]
  • 2500+ [Products] ( Including Colors )
  • 900+ [Item Types]
  • 210 [Employees]
  • 4 [Annual Exhibitions] Japan Tokyo( May ), Japan Osaka( May ), Korea( Sept ), Holland( Nov )
  • 2 [Catalogs] 2 times a year every January & May