Who is Ohchi Nursery?

The company is located at Tamba of Hyogo Prefecture in Japan and has been producing preserved flowers, among others.
In a region richly endowed with nature, all the staffs cherish Mother Nature and face daily challenges to research and develop better products. This is one of our commitments to promote your culture of life by being blessed with “natural elements”.

The farm dates back to 1960, when the bleaching technique of wild ferns was formulated and those ferns came in high demand for flower arrangement and display-purpose decorations.
Since then, we came up with more and more new products. And in 2002, preserved flowers, first in Japan, were unveiled. Now the company has grown to hold the flower preservation technology, one and the only manufacturer in this field in Japan.

Primary materials are purchased in Japan and imported from European, Asian and many other parts around the world. The materials are carefully selected. Among them, roses that are our leading products are airlifted from Colombia, Kenya and some other countries.
Some kinds of plants, such as hydrangeas, are cultivated in-house.

Our proprietary bleaching technique, which we have improved over the years, provides a wide-ranging product lineup. Those products have soft textures, refined readily shapable features and many different subtle colors.
Pink-tinted items are very popular. The pastel-shade pink flowers come in 4 or 5 varieties and enjoy customers’ satisfaction.

We handle not just flowers, but also leaves, ferns, nuts and many other fresh and dried materials. Currently about 3,000 different products are in out production lines to inspire your creativity.

Under the grand concept “Valuing the hands-on experiences between nature and people and sharing their wonderfulness”, we are committed to delivering products more valuable than the competition.

Introducing the Ohchi brand

Corporate brand

Ohchi Nursery treasures ecological mind-set to care for nature, to relish nature-loving messages in our life together, and to share the fantastic concept of our real touch on nature. With this philosophy in mind, we hope, you can accept the gifts from the earth in the forms of dried and preserved flowers and other nature-based decorative elements.

Brand products

Here are brand products of Ohchi Nursery.
The “Preserving”, among other categories, is our mainstay product group that has been on the market as the Japan’s first branded preserved flowers since 2002. These items are highly rated and in wide use by lots of professionals.

Branded preserved products
A rich assortment of different flowers and colors, centered on roses and hydrangeas, will be in your hands.
Also available are limited-time “Seasonal” items, leaves, vines and other goods.

Most popular branded dried items
Dried flowers, leaves, nuts, vines, twigs, wreath bases, accessories and other related items are also on offer in their respective varieties.

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