Ohchi Nursery’s Commitments

Activities for product safety

The safety level of our preserved roses is based on European Standard on Safety of Toys EN71 Part 3, which is also the reference guidelines of The Japan Toy Association to ensure the product safety.

Harmful substances are stipulated in this standard if children swallow them.

According to this standard, we inspect the products under the safety guidelines of clay and finger-paint pigments in particular.

Assuming that children may touch the clay and pigments and put them in the mouth, their criteria strictly measure up to the standard, as safe as the preserved flowers themselves.

Complying with its requirements, we believe that you can handle our products with ease.

  • As results of periodic product safety inspections, we make sure that the products meet all the related criteria.Note that the Ohchi Nursery products are intended for decorative purposes, never for food grades. For this reason, we would like you to understand that we are not responsible for any troubles that are caused by sanitary negligence (designated pathogens and similar microorganisms) and unspecified usages. For you to put the products in safe use, we are committed to keeping up strict safety control.

Environment conservation activities

In the production processes of preserved and dried flowers, waste water, exhaust gas, waste oil and other substances are generated. We have solved the problems with these waste materials to conserve the environment.

In cooperation with our local community, we cultivate deserted land and grow flowers and ornamental plants.

Water pollution control

The effluent treatment facilities, developed by us, are up and running to treat factory drainage. The treatment systems maintain drainage levels much better than legal regulation criteria before letting out clean water.

Waste water clarification system

Waste water clarification system

Steps to make waste water cleaner and cleaner

Steps to make waste water cleaner and cleaner

Air pollution control

Waste fluid generated in the production processes is utilized as boiler fuel. In this way, we make every effort to cut down on the consumption of heavy and other oils and to reduce the CO2 emission.

Energy saving and CO2 emission control

Energy saving and CO2 emission control

Waste alcohol > Use as clean energy (lower heavy oil consumption) > Less waste material!

Waste material reduction measures

We promote better recycling programs, such as recycling waste fluid and sorting waster materials.

We ask our customers to return plastic shipping trays of preserved roses to use them over again and again.

Greening campaign

By turning deserted land and fallow fields back into farms, we cultivate hydrangeas and other greenery and transform them to decorative items.

Cultivation of hydrangeasCultivation of hydrangeasCultivation of hydrangeas

Cultivation of hydrangeas

Social action programs

Educational financing aid for Masai tribe

Let us tell you the meaning of misanga bracelet of Masai tribe that we hand out to you when we recover our rose trays.

As much as 50% of Kenyans live below the poverty line. In addition, women are socially vulnerable.

It is a serious issue that very young Masai girls have been traditionally forced to get married.

To prevent the unfavorable common practice, we buy misanga bracelets made by Masai women to help them help themselves. With such financial aid, more and more children can go to school and get proper education. They will grow up to be parents, who will in turn become aware that their kids must get education. In this manner, we believe, future generations will be saved more and be living better.


Thanks to customers’ kind cooperation, we can hand over the bracelets to let 22 children a year, on the average, go to school.

Until last year, we offered one misanga or bracelet each time we recovered the trays. In 2011, we decided to add more misangas and bracelets depending on how many trays to recover at each visit.

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