Company Profile

Address Sannan-cho Industrial Park, Tamba, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
TEL 0795-77-2311
FAX 0795-77-2318
Executives President Ohchi Tadashi
Business start-up 1960
Established September 1981
Capital 50 million yen
Fiscal Year End The end of May
Business Operations Manufacture and marketing of preserved flowers, dried flowers, dried materials and other nature-based elements, as well as import and treatment of primary materials.
Employees 153
Bank reference Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Nishiwaki Branch)

Ohchi “Craftsmanship”

Corporate missions of Ohchi Nursery

  • Challenging year after year to develop new products using natural materials while listening to customers’ needs and getting their satisfaction.
  • Improving our knowledge and techniques nonstop as nature-loving professionals by coming up with new products and doing our best to enjoy customers’ patronage.
  • Working together to get good jobs done, exchanging ideas freely and feeling worth the work.
  • Remembering customers’ gratification to keep up good works and our business.

Identity and history

The founder Masaichi Ohchi devoted all his energy to hit the market with ferns that grew wild on mountains and nobody took any notice. These wild ferns pleased people to accentuate arranged flowers and to look like tangible display.
Through various stints of jobs, he looked at natural gifts around him in a different way. In other words, he groped in the dark and spotted something that would hit many people in mind.

He also continued to perform his job of each day and to think about the next new products. With his hands and his brains in full swing, he kept devising novel goods what would cheer up his customers.

On first glance, natural gifts may be all too common to point out. The products of Ohchi Nursery today track back to the capability of rediscovering the beauty of wild plants. Through reconfiguring the vegetation into merchandise and warming customers’ hearts, we have been making efforts to offer better products. Nursing this attitude, the Ohchi Nursery people are trying to have a presence in your places.

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